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San Francisco vs. Paris

San Francisco vs. Paris, from Tillie’s perspective, an early comparison based on our first month or so here.

San Francisco Paris
Golden Gate Bridge Tour Eiffel
Friends Random children attacking at the playground
Swings (strangely absent in Paris) Carrousels (more of them anyway)
Strawberries Chocolat
Car, Trains, and Bus Trains (lots of them, some with a view of Tour Eiffel!)
Nikki and Lauren Lots of time with Mama
Somewhat able to speak the language Unable to speak the language
Beach and Ocean Boats on the River
Sea Lions Museums with animals or pictures/sculptures of animals
Woo Street Bumpy Streets
Rabbit-Turtle Rabbit-Turtle here too?
Burritos Pastries
Crib Big Girl Bed
Flax-Seed Oatmeal Croissants with Confiture
Ice Milk Ice Milk
Upstairs neighbor noises Plumbing noises
Thunder Road Sur le pont d'Avignon
Redwoods Castles

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The Tilda Report

Some of you may be thinking “these pictures are cute and all, but it’s all so virtual.” What you really want to know is: what kind of girl is Tilda?

On most days, we will gladly tell you that Tilda is a wonderful girl, but we are not the most reliable sources. I’ve just returned from a conference with T’s teacher, an exit interview of sorts as T. is leaving her daycare at the end of the month. And so today I have outside evidence of what we pretty much knew already:

  • Tilda is a lover, a hugger, a sweet little one who gets anxious when her friends are sad. If she sees her friends crying, she goes over to them and gives them a hug. She is a hugger. Friends don’t always like hugs, but she is a hugger.
  • Tilda is a climber, a jumper, a runner. Her favorite activities are playing with babies, puzzles and cars, painting, coloring, dancing and digging in the sand. Her teacher was very concerned that there would be plenty of paint in Tilda’s future. I reassured her.
  • Tilda is a good listener. She understands more than she can say, but she’s saying a lot more than she did when she first arrived in her room. She is conversant in the various body parts and is particularly fond of identifying belly buttons.
  • Tilda is very helpful. No, I mean she is VERY helpful. She loves to help clean up, sing the special clean up song and apparently never bottom feeds off the snack debris when she’s helping to clean up. She is that helpful.
  • Tilda is quite aware of what is hers (ie. MINE) and what belongs to the others. She has special powers that allow her to present each friend with their own jacket.
  • Tilda plays well in the large group, a small pair, and by herself. If she is busy with her babies, you’d best leave her alone. Those are Tilda’s babies.
  • Tilda likes to dress up and apparently has perfected some sort of catwalk performance. She also likes to stack blocks, read books and reflect on the natural world.
  • Tilda is an easy child. An eeeeasy child. She has been sad maybe twice during her whole daycare stint. You don’t need to ask Tilda if she is sad because it is obvious in her face.
  • Tilda is easy, but she likes order. She likes to know what will happen and be told ahead of time. Tilda also likes closure. She needs to say bye-bye.

As our conference came to a close, our eyes were welling up, and T’s teacher laid down her toddler version of the Jesuit “Give me the child until [s]he is seven two, and I will show you the [wo]man.” It was a little eerie in the moment, but I see what she means.

No doubt.

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