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8 months, or 2/3

Halloween went off without a hitch yesterday. Til, the reluctant participant, was encouraged to join the unexpected band of costumed preschoolers making their way around the neighborhood and was finally indoctrinated into the ways of trick or treating.  She rejected costumes 1 and 2 and settled on the woodland fairy, last considered as a costume for Halloween ’07.  She was thrilled with her haul of 6 or so pieces of candy, 2 cookies, a sticker and a glow in the dark bracelet.  Poor girl has no idea what awaits in years to come…

And now November has arrived and with it, a celebration of little coucou smiley’s 8 months.  Here she is enjoying the day, wearing her sister’s finest hand-me-downs, oh so oblivious to tomorrow’s election day worries.

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a break from moving logisitics, a break from the fog

t at crissy field

f's first time sea-side

The ladies and I had a great time at Crissy Field yesterday, remembering what’s so lovely about this city.  We had the sun warming us from the east, a light fog cooling us from the west.  Flo stuck her little toes in the sand for the first time and Til was en pleine forme with her new sand toys.

A bunch more pics are resting on the camera until our set up is complete.  Moving day is Monday!

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Father’s Day

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coming up on 3 months

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almost three.

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les oeufs

et apres:

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Jack o’Tilda

Halloween isn’t so big here, but we went to a little gathering of expats at a park nearby.

Here is the little pumpkin:

At the park, processing: Halloween, pronounced “Halloween” or “Alloween”? Trick-or-Treat?  Costumes?  What is spidey doing here and that butterfly and that ghost?

Handing out candy at our designated bench:

At the playground, relieved to be back in a familiar context:

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black and white stripes

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At this point, Tillie is definitely aware that something is going on…

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Tilda Bay at Tomales Bay


Some of you will remember this beach from the evening of 10.01.04. This was T’s first visit.

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