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She grows.

Tilda was a total champ at this morning’s appointment.  Data below:

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preliminary results

We’ve been tracking Tillie with the Trixie Tracker for over two weeks now, so I think its safe to start discussing some of our preliminary results. First off, lets look at her raw sleep schedule. The bars below each represent a full day, from midnight to midnight. Blue is when she’s asleep, yellow awake. Light blue is for when she’s down for a nap, but not yet asleep. The grey bar at the top shows the probability that she’ll be asleep at a given time, with black meaning she is always asleep, white always awake.


As you can see, the early AM hours are still pretty harsh. And the afternoon naps haven’t really pulled together into any sort of schedule yet. Tillie is getting good at doing a long stretch from around 7:30 PM to around 12:30 AM, but its still pretty dicey after that. The next plot shows on the x-axis the time she falls asleep, and on the y-axis how long she sleeps for. Basically it says that the longer the night goes, the less long she sleeps for. And it looks like her morning and afternoon naps are all around an hour, but they appear to get a little shorter over the course of a day.


The last plot is like the above one, but it plots her awake time versus her asleep time. Notice that swarm of angry bees in the morning. Also it looks like maybe she’s staying awake longer over the course of the day.


So the data is showing that the sleep situation is still a bit tough. What it doesn’t show is that she’s slowly warming to the idea of lying down at night. Her recent thing is that, instead of crying when we put her down, she gives us the sweetest look she knows how to make, lets out a couple of whimpers for good measure, and then she’s off to sleep.

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unlike mother, more like father

Grandma Jane can attest to my needlephobia, as can Charlie. It all started when I was around 6 or 7 and we went for my annual checkup. It was time for the finger prick and the nurse, a crotchedly old lady, approached my finger before I had centered myself (I was clearly meant to live in California). I was so alarmed that I pushed her hand aside and accidentally! jammed the needle into her arthritic hand. This prompted 12? (maybe 3) HUGE nurses to rush in and restrain me while they pricked me like I’d never been pricked before. It was all “Officer down!” Anyway, I tell you this to explain my thoughts as we took T to get her first vaccinations this morning.

Now we are on the other side of the visit, and I am pleased to report that unlike her mom, T was a champ. There was some screaming, a whole new scream–I know this because I could hear it from my self-imposed exile in the waiting room–but Charlie held her and she regained her composure soon after on the walk home. She’s sleeping it off now and shows no signs of trauma. So far, so good.

height 3 months

Note the other news from the visit above. The little dottir continues to outpace me (as well as about 95% of her cohort). As the doctor said, “This is what happens when you procreate with someone who’s 6’5″.” Indeed.

2 comments July 5th, 2006

She’s her own girl.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people comment that Tillie looks a lot like me. I’ve never been able to look at a baby and understand who she resembles, but in this case, I see it. Yet as the weeks pass, Tillie is more and more her own girl and less (not to be too omenous) my doppelganger. The most obvious divergence is her growth. See the charts below:


Tillie is 7 weeks old and is as long as I was at 3 months. Also, notice the steepness of her line compared to the gentler slope of mine.


Our weight increases follow a more similar pattern so far, except that the 7 week old Tillie could have taken the 7 week old Sam.

We’ll have to add Charlie’s stats to tell the whole story.

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