Happy Birthday Flo!

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birthday hike

Birthday Hike

Pastries in the park

More partying to come this weekend!

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raspberries, 1
raspberries, 2
raspberries, 3

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flora the explora learns about the properties of wata.

After a very hands-on lunch, Flora stripped down and went outside to play.  She was really focused on the water until she heard a dog in the distance, and then she dumped the water all over herself.

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Happy New Year


The adventures continue in 2011…

Happy New Year from our little foursome.

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to pose, or to crawl.

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little gnome

fireside with mermaid

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8 months, or 2/3

Halloween went off without a hitch yesterday. Til, the reluctant participant, was encouraged to join the unexpected band of costumed preschoolers making their way around the neighborhood and was finally indoctrinated into the ways of trick or treating.  She rejected costumes 1 and 2 and settled on the woodland fairy, last considered as a costume for Halloween ’07.  She was thrilled with her haul of 6 or so pieces of candy, 2 cookies, a sticker and a glow in the dark bracelet.  Poor girl has no idea what awaits in years to come…

And now November has arrived and with it, a celebration of little coucou smiley’s 8 months.  Here she is enjoying the day, wearing her sister’s finest hand-me-downs, oh so oblivious to tomorrow’s election day worries.

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In the French style, T’s school is closed next week for Fall break, so they had their Halloween celebration today.  Here is little red riding hood on her way to class.  Adding the little fancy pompoms were Til’s idea.

Chaperone rouge

She was kind of alarmed to encounter her teacher as a witch (one of her top three fears right now, in addition to wolves and foxes, but not mountain lions [and in this case, public performances]).  She took refuge next to her little sister, nominally dressed as a pumpkin but more like a little wiggly caterpillar hidden from the rain in her cocoon.

Shy riding hood

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calm before the crawl



She’s still somewhat content to sit peacefully, but this weekend we found little Flora stuck under the table–she had backed in because she only moves in reverse to date.  Her big sister, always busy creating cozy yet fragile little hideaways for her creatures, does not realize the havoc that awaits, the treasured possessions about to be baby-handled, the structures toppled, and her parents have begun to look around at the wood burning stove, the stairs, the house perched on the hillside with new eyes.  No rush, Flo, no rush at all.

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Saturday Morning Dance Party

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